Friday, February 25, 2011

True or False?
1. God commanded Ehud, judge over Israel, to tear down the altar of Baal
and build a proper alter to God in the same spot.
2. Fill in the blank: When Samson took the honey from the carcass of the lion,
he violated his -------vow.1. False
He commanded Gideon to do this (Judg. 6: 25- 27 ).
2. Nazirite (Judg. 13 : 4,5,7 ).
The Nazirite vow represented separation to the Lord from
anything unclean. A corpse left anyone who touched it unclean ( 14: 8,9 ).

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Donnie said...

I had a better day today but didn't know who but knew it wasn't Ehud. Think that might have counted as wrong.