Tuesday, February 22, 2011

History--- Events:
1. True or False?: To exempt her household from the Israelite's destruction of Jericho,
Rahab was to tie a yellow ribbon in her window
as a reminder to the spies who promised to spare her.
2. Fill in the blank: On the seventh day, after the Israelites had marched seven times around Jericho and the priests had blown the trumpets,
Joshua commanded the Israelites to "-------.
for the Lord has given you the city!"1. False A scarlet cord (Josh. 2:18 ).

2. "Shout " (Josh. 6: 16 ).
Their shout was a shout of triumph. They were to express confidence that
God was destroying the city without military action on their part.

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Donnie said...

The story of Rahab is a good one. I got these right but am always surprised when I do...lol...