Monday, February 28, 2011

Multiple Choice: 1. What was Ruth doing when Boaz first saw her?
(a) Praying; (b) gleaning; or (c) talking with Naomi.
2. What did the kinsman of Ruth give to Boaz to confirm
that he was not going to redeem Ruth?
(a) Ten shekels; (b) his belt; or (c) his sandal.1. (b) Gleaning (Ruth 2:1-7).
The law required that landowners leave the corners of their fields and
grain dropped in the course of harvesting for the poor. ( Lev.19: 9-10 ).
2.(c) His sandal ( Ruth 4: 7,8; cf. Deut. 25: 8-10 ).

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Donnie said...

These were very good but I love the illustration. take care.