Saturday, February 26, 2011

History ---Events:
1. Fill in the blank: The degree of personal and tribal immorality in Israel is illustrated in Judges by the story of the -------and his concubine.
2. Multiple Choice: What did the children of Benjamin do to the daughters of Shiloh?
(a) Kidnapped them; (b) killed them; or (c) stole their household gods.1. Levite (Judg. 19 )
2. (a) Kidnapped them (Judg. 21 : 21 ).
By vow, no Israelite could give a daughter as wife to Benjamite, so they
devised a ruse by which the Benjamites could get wives without violating the exact
letter of the vow (v. 18 ).

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One right, one wrong again. Good one.