Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We Must Eliminate Confusion

Satan And Demonism

Before the beginning of human  history, Satan and his angels instigated  a 
conflict in the spiritual realm that continues to this very moment. The drama
of  this  spiritual warfare storms across the pages of the Bible from Genesis to
Revelation. Mankind was created to resolve this ancient conflict, but Satan and
the unseen demon hordes he commands will not suffer defeat without an intense
struggle.One tactic  Satan  employs is the  varied  facets of demon activity, which
have plagued  mankind since  the fall of Adam. Demonism  blinds  unbelievers to
the  Gospel, distracts believers from the  spiritual life, and threatens  nations  with
divine judgment. Those who are ignorant or confused about Satan's subtle strategies
 become easy prey. The Bible emphatically warns against courting or consorting  with
any from of demonism. Critical questions continually arise: How do people become
enmeshed in demonism? What is demon influence? Who can be demon possessed? Is
exorcism valid? How can the believer  protect himself  from the  demonic? Only the
Bible can answer  these questions and   eliminate the  confusion. 

Book By R.B. Thieme Jr

All of God's promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding
2 Cor.1:20

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