Monday, February 20, 2017

Teach A Way Of Life

Children's Books

Children's Bible Studies
A treasure-trove of ideas for parents and teachers looking for
ways to communicate Bible doctrine at a child's level of 
understanding. These doctrines are taught through a series of
stories that introduce the child to technical theological 
vocabulary and doctrinal concepts. God mandates the parent to
study and learn Bible doctrine. Using their own doctrinal frame
of reference, personality, and approach, parents can then fulfill
their responsibility to God to teach their children the Word (Deut.
6:6--7). Bible doctrine as a way of life is the most valuable heritage
parents can give their children (2 John 4).

R.B. Thieme Jr

God will shelter you with His wings His faithful promises are
your armor and protection.
Ps. 91:4

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