Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Rewarding Life

My Savior
When  I fist accepted Christ as my Savior, I wondered 
whether there were any other Christians in the school I
attended. I  began to witness and had the privilege of
 seeing several students believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
This led  to some of the most wonderful fellowship I have
ever known. Since then, I have had other opportunities
to lead people to the Lord, always with the same enjoyable
results. The principle is that some of the greatest and most
marvelous contacts you will ever have are in Christian
fellowship. These associations are particularly rewarding
when they are based on your personal witnessing for Christ;
furthermore, they leave behind fragrant memories.

Words of  R.B. Thieme, Jr
Colonel Thieme attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where
he was graduated summa cum laude. There he acquired the Biblical
science of textual criticism and further study of the original languages,
making a total of nine years of Greek and five of Hebrew.


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