Friday, August 5, 2011

Law and Promise:

1. Fill in the blanks: The cycle of sin, enemy rule, and deliverance which the Israelites experienced fulfilled the words of Joshua when he said concerning the Canaanites, "They shall be-------and -------to you, and---------on your sides and---------in your eyes".

2. Multiple Choice: Gideon asked God for what sign to show that He would save Israel?

(a) Fire consuming an offering; (b) a wet, then dry, fleece of wool; or (c) a rod turning into a serpent.
1. "Snares---traps---scourges---thorns" (Josh. 23 : 13 ).

2. (b) A wet, then dry, fleece of wool (Judg. 6 : 37,39 ).

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