Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Law and Promise:

1. Question : How many tassels were to hang from the robe of an Israelite?

2. True or False? If a married woman was caught committing adultery with a man, the penalty for the man was lighter then that for the women.

3. Multiple Choice: The penalty for adultery was stoning. What was the penalty if an engaged woman had sex with another man ?

(a) Payment of a fine to the groom; (b) payment of a fine to the father of the bride;

or (c) both had to be stoned.1. Four (Deut. 22 : 12 ) The tassels were to remind the people to do the commandments of the Lord (Num. 15 : 37-41 ).

2. False - Both were to be executed (Deut. 22 : 22 )

3. (c) both had to be stoned (Deut. 22 : 23, 24 )


Mildred said...

Good questions today. Did you get any rain, Patsy? Some folks in TN and IN got rain but not us.

Hope you sleep well tonight.

Patsy said...

We have not had rain, until a short shower this morning. It didn't help much.