Friday, June 24, 2011

Law and Promise:

1. Multiple Choice: The Feast of Weeks followed Passover by how many weeks ?

(a) Three; (b) seven; or (c) fourteen.

(b) Seven (Deut. 16 : 9, 10 ) The Feast of Weeks was later known as Pentecost because it followed Passover by fifty days.

2. What kind of offering was to be given to the Lord during the Feast of Weeks ?

(a) Heave offering; (b) wave offering; or (c) freewill offering.

(c) Freewill offering (Deut. 16 : 10 ).

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Mildred said...

Hey Patsy, Thanks for todays questions and Bible verses. We have had rain this week and it is nice not to have to water the plants. Enjoy your Friday.