Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Law and Promise:

1. Multiple Choice: The unleavened bread to be eaten during Passover was called the bread of :

(a) Deliverance; (b) redemption; or (c) affliction.

(c) Affliction (Deut. 16: 3 ) Eating unleavened bread was to remind Israelites of the suffering experienced in Egypt and of God's deliverance.

2. True or False? The Israelites were to sacrifice and eat the Passover each in his own house.

False They were to sacrifice and eat it in the place God had appointed (Deut. 16 : 5-7 )

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Mildred said...

Good Morning Patsy. I have missed you. It sure is hot here in GA. You and Bennie take care. Your flowers are so pretty this year.