Friday, March 18, 2011

History--- Events :
1. Multiple Choice: What was not to be told in Gath nor
proclaimed in the streets of Ashkelon?
(a) The sin of David and Bathsheba; (b) the death of Saul and Jonathan;
or (c) the account of Jonah and the great fish.
2. What physical handicap did Mephibosheth have?
(a) He was blind; (b) he was deaf; or (c) he was crippled.1. (b) The death of Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam.1:17- 27
This is recorded as part of David's lament over the death of Israel's leaders.
This he spoke even though Saul had sought to kill him.

2. (c) He was crippled (2 Sam. 4:4 )
He had been injured when he was five years old.


Donnie said...

I think the crutch in the second illustration gave me a a great weekend.

Mildred said...

I admit to looking for the crutch too. Hope you are having the same lovely weather we are. Have a nice weekend Patsy and Bennie.