Sunday, March 6, 2011

1. Multiple Choice: What did Samuel name the stone he setup to commemorate
God's help in defeating the Philistines?
(a) Mizpah; (b) Ebenezer; or (c) Beth Peor
2. True or False? Israel's request for a king was a direct rejection
of Samuel's leadership over the people of Israel. 1. (b) Ebenezer (1 Sam. 7: 12 )
Ebenezer means "Stone of Help". Samuel is giving God credit
for a victory over the Philistines where earlier there was defeat at the same place.
2. False. It was a rejection of God's reign over them (1Sam.8:7).


Donnie said...

I got the second one right and the first one unsure but tended toward Ebenezer...should have trusted the hint.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Stone of help..I never knew that..Thanks Patsy:)