Saturday, June 24, 2017


Submitted To Authority

If you have been taking in doctrine every day; and as you
are well aware, this requires self-discipline, concentration
and  respect for  both the  authority of the Word and the 
authority of the pastor-teacher. There are times when you
may not  enjoy  a certain  passage because  the concepts
delineated step on your toes. But if you remain objective, 
learn the  principles  and  store  them   in your  frame of 
reference, you will  advance to high  ground of spiritual
maturity. By  so doing,  you  have manifested true com--
passion for other  believers as  well as for your  nation, 
for the  super--grace believer  is  truly a patriot  and a
contributor to the preservation of his country (Matt. 5:13).

Colonel Thieme attend Dallas Theological Seminary,
where he was graduated Summa Cum Laude. Tere  he 
acquired the Biblical science of textual criticism and
further study of the original languages, making a total
of nine years  of   Greek  and  five of Hebrew.

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
Ye soldiers of the cross;
Lift high His royal banner,
it must not suffrer loss.
From vict'ry unto vict'ry
His army shall  He lead,
Till every foe is vanquished
And Christ is Lord indeed.

By Duffield, Webb

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