Saturday, September 17, 2016

God's Plan

During the Millennium

The intensified part of the angelic conflict will be over.
"Operation Footstool" (the defeat of Satan and the fallen
angels), as a part of the angelic conflict, has been completed
(Heb. 1:13). Perfect environment on the earth will be possible
because there will be no angelic interference from Satan and
his demons.

Thus we see that the believer's orientation to God's timetable
is vitally necessary for understanding God's Plan and purpose
in any given generation. Dispensations provide the framework
for understanding the Bible and rightly dividing the Word of 
Truth.  Learn this lesson well, or you will always be vulnerable 
to the false teachings which arise from taking Scriptures out of

The Lord your God is gracious and compassionate He will not
turn His face from you.
2 Chron. 30:9

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