Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Change

9. Radical Changes in Nature

First of all, mankind will be loosened from the bondage of sin
(Rom. 8:19-22). Secondly, since sin had an adverse effect on nature
(Gen. 3:17, 18),
animals will lose their ferocity, as per Isaiah 11:6-8 and 65:25. These
are the passages which say that the wolf and the lamb, the leopard and 
the kid shall lie down side by side. The child shall put his hand in the
spitting cobra's den and not be hurt. (Now , don't try it today---------
this is not the Millennium! Thirdly, plant life will abound; so for those
who like flowers, there is nothing like the Millennium (Isa. 35:1, 2,7).

The Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from
being snared. Prov.3:26

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