Thursday, July 7, 2016


To Summarize
The chronological series of events under the concept
of Chronos are: Patriarchs; the Mosaic Law and the
life of Moses; the period of the prophets; the setting
aside of Israel as a missionary agency; Israel resumed
in the Tribulation; the Second Advent and Millennium.
"Times" looks at the history of the human race from
the standpoint of Israel, while "seasons" takes these
events and divides them into segments or four general
categories of Dispensations: the Age of the Gentiles;
the Age of the Jews; the Age of the Church; the Age of 

By R.B. Thieme, Jr
Book "Dispensations"

You will be secure, because there is HOPE you will look
about you and take your rest in safety.
Job. 11:18

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