Monday, October 25, 2010


People : Fill in the blank: 1. Adam and Eve's second son._____, was "a keeper of sheep."
Abel ( Gen. 4:2). Although Abel's life was brief, the writer of Hebrews saw him as a great example of wholehearted commitment to God (Heb.11:4)
2. Multiple choice: What son did Eve say God gave her to replace Abel, whom Cain killed? (a) Seth: ( b) Enoch (c) Enosh.
(a) Seth (Gen. 4:25)


Far Side of Fifty said...

How old do you suppose Abel was when he died? You know people back then lived hundreds of years..I find that curious..
Years ago Far Guy and I took a two year class and studied the entire was a good class..but there were lots of things that I was either afraid to ask or figured were stupid questions..I have since learned there are no stupid questions.
So..If I ask lots of questions I hope you are not offended..I do not expect that you will have all the answers either and that is OK:)

Patsy said...

Abel must have been a grown man, could have been young because it sounds like there first time of offering to the Lord. I would like more in put about this to from others.

Mariel said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love your history Bible lessons/ questions. God's Word is my passion and my greatest thrill! Your blog looks so fun!! :)

Patsy said...

Welcome Mariel , please come join us.